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KAMA'AINA RATE [Local Pickup]
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QUAD FINS | 5'0" - 8'1" BOARD LENGTH | 3' - 20' WAVE HEIGHT

With 15-25 mph trades being our predominant winds on the North Shore, if you want to surf sometimes there is no way around it. Spray in your eyes, navigating through fat chops coming up the face, and a relentless current make going left at Rocky Point borderline unenjoyable on the windiest days. When these trade wind systems set in, they can last for weeks, so I wanted to design a board that could handle all of these elements and makes going left fun again …

For the outline of this board, I wanted to use one of my favorites, a ‘70s style single-fin Lightning Bolt with a little extra tail width to accommodate a four-fin design. The quad setup adds its own natural speed to help combat the headwind and a little extra power for driving through the tube while maintaining control when running through the chop. The outline has a lot of width and volume in the front half, which helps with paddling. I kept the beak nose to pay homage to those who came before us because it’s the best way to hide volume up front and make a thick nose look good. I also went with the full deck logo, which was popular in the ‘70s.

The original version of this board was made out of EPS foam for extra buoyancy when paddling and a layer of carbon fiber for deck strength and protection in closeouts. The board also has a small logo in the classic PU/poly.